Five Major Issues of Installing Windows 10 iot on Raspberry PI

I am here Explaining five major Issues  of handling Windows 10 IOT on Raspberry PI. I feel Raspbian, Noobs are far better than windows and Windows is still just touching Raspberry PI.

  First Booting Time 

    It take more than 10 - 15 Mins time for first boot, Most of the forums and technical support don't         mention about this.

 Boot Error 
   If you use third party power supply, most of the time it gives boot error, It may give boot corruption message, but don't be hurry, check power supply

Windows 10 Must 
You need to have windows 10 computer to install Windows IOT, if you don have Windows 10 Computer, You have to give up installing Windows IOT  Computer Requirement   You should have a computer to program or run anything on the Raspberry PI, since installed PI is just os but not operation panel.

Network Requirement 
You need to have Local Ethernet Network or Cross Cable Connection to operate Raspberry Pi with Windows IOT

How to install oscam on Raspberry PI

No matter it is Raspberry PI 1, 1-B, 2 or 3. You need Raspberry PI, Internet Connection, Mouse and Key Board. HDMI monitor or adapter.

I have already tested on Raspbian, Noobs and Ubuntu Core. But it might work on all Linux kernel Operating System too.

You have to downloads following application in order to complete OSCAM installation on your PI

Noobs or Raspbian

Etcher or Win32DiskImager (I will Explain using Etcher since it is easier than Win32DiskImager )

16 GB Memory Card or May be less than but if you use 2 GB even not vbad with Raspberry PI old Versions.

How to Install Raspbian
Downloads Raspbian from

But if you use older version of Raspberry PI like Version 1 and 2, or if you don't have bigger Memory card, You should not worry and Go and get older version

How ever You should have an idea which version suit for your raspberry pi, Other wise you may not fully ut…

Raspberry PI 3 - B

This is starting post related to Raspberry Pi 3 B, Sooner I will start tutorials related to Raspberry Pi 3 and how it can use in Satellite Receive and Commercial TV Receivers

This is Just snaps related to Raspberry PI 3 B Element 14

Control Satellite Dish Using RF

There is no much technical invention involving this. Just use DC 12v 10A relay 2CH wireless RF Remote Control Switch Transmitter.
The Block Diagram for Motor Connect, This picture is taken from seller’s web site.

The Actuator is 36 V DC with load current 3A. So there is no any issues in connecting with maximum load.

Connection After

Sooner I will Release Video 

Automated Satellite Tracking System

Step 1

Research based on Automated Satellite Tracking system. This research were started with the System which has developed by two Iranian university students to find satellite physical location. Here I have develop the algorithm to find satellite with known frequencies and  using geographical location.

This has capability to find satellite in any location.C band or KU band feed search capability.Satellite search only on clerk belt.This model can use to update news feeds and immediate satellite up links.  Soon I will provide all information related to this research.

Sri Lankan Suitable Offset dish Motorized System (Huge Dishes)


Automated Satellite Tracking System


I have new project for Automated Satellite Tracking System. I am working on this project these days. I will expose all design and technology through my blog in near future